Dierks Bentley Celebrates 10 Year Opry Anniversary With A Very Special Friend

Some things never change. Just look at Dierks 10 years ago, celebrating his induction in to the Grand Ole Opry with his best bud Jake. Flash forward to the other night and Dierks is on the same stage with Jake celebrating 10 years of Opry magic.

“It’s pretty surreal how fast the last 10 years have gone,” Bentley told PEOPLE before taking the stage as the closing act of Tuesday night’s Opry. “It feels like it was just Oct. 1, 2005 and I was here with Jake being inducted.”


They call dogs man’s best friend for a reason. Congrats to Dierks and Jake on a solid career and an even better partnership. I’m thinking it’s about time for an official Whisky Riff office dog.

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