Will Hoge Speaks His Mind About Gun Laws After Oregon Shooting

After another school shooting, one where 10 people were killed when a gunman opened fire at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College, Will Hoge let it be known he wasn’t happy. He was hurting for the families and expressed his opinions on Facebook.

His initial post is below.

Will Hoge

He got well over 500 comments on this, which prompted him to follow up. Here was his much longer response.

I’d like to try this again…..

I wish I had used different language earlier. I wish I hadn’t acted out of anger. I want to think I’m smarter than that. Most times I am. This time I was not. For that, I apologize. I guess you can take the boy out of Williamson County but you can’t take the Williamson County out of the boy.

Well, let me try saying things differently. My heart aches for all of the families directly affected by this senseless tragedy. Now we must DO something. What? I don’t claim to have all the answers but ‘nothing’ is no longer acceptable. Is mental health an issue? Yes. Could we do more for that? Yes. That’s another post entirely.

We HAVE to start to do something about guns. It is far to easy for folks to go and buy guns LEGALLY and continue to commit these heinous acts. This is in NO WAY against any of my fellow responsible gun owners. We must get past the idea that more guns is the answer. It is not. Every other country in the world has the statistics to prove that. Nobody is coming for our guns. Nobody. So why not universal background checks? Why not mandatory training and licensing? Not only for concealed carry but just simple ownership? I don’t see how anyone could feel that is too much to ask. The argument that ‘criminals will have guns anyway’ is silly. Yes. Folks will always get guns if they want to. Same as drugs, or prostitutes or anything else but we still TRY and minimize that. Maybe it’ll save 5% of these lives. Maybe 15%. Maybe 25% or 40%. ANY percentage is worth it. WE as a family of humans deserve better and can do better. Let’s try ANYTHING different.

Now I’ve got a bus ride to Arkansas then on to Alabama. I’ve got shows I’m very excited to play. Fans I’m very excited to see. Songs I’m excited to sing.

So tonight, hug your kids. Tell folks you love them. Help a neighbor. Write a congressman. Pray. Cry. Laugh. Think. Most importantly, care.

Again I apologize for not being the positive light I desire to be in my words earlier. Y’all deserve better from me and I deserve better from myself.

Thanks for listening.



Regardless of your position on the gun laws in this country, I think we can ALL agree that this is happening at an alarming rate. Hearts are breaking, and families are being torn apart. Tell the people that you love, that you love them.

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