Burger King Releases Black Bun Whopper For Halloween. It Looks Horrifying.

Burger King has a new black bun Whopper for Halloween and it doesn’t look good. Actually, it looks scary. You don’t want your food looking scary usually. I dunno, maybe that’s just me.burgerkinghalloweenwhopperprimage-150928_c4f0067f4ddc0c3eb532fcc35e870bb9.today-inline-large

To make it that color, the Halloween version of the popular sandwich has A.1. sauce baked into the bun. It reportedly has a black pepper flavor, while the sauce is also on the burger itself. A similar burger has already been sold in Japan.

“We tailored the flavor of the black bun to the American palate with A.1. sauce, a flavor this country loves, and we’re delivering it in a way that’s never been done before by baking it into the bun,” said Burger King Chief Marketing Officer Eric Hirschhorn in a press release. “It may look Japanese but it tastes like America.”


The black bun Halloween Whopper will be available September 28th – Halloween Day.

h/t Fortune

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