Joe Nichols Tells It Like It Is With New Single ‘Freaks Like Me’

It’s funny how something so familiar can feel so new.

With Nichols’ latest single, ‘Freaks Like Me,’ country fans are reminded of why they fell in love with Joe in the first place. There’s no over-production here, just Nichols and his traditional sound with an energy that fits seamlessly in today’s country world.


With lyrics like I always get the door for a lady/ I don’t care if she’s 4 or if she’s 80/I don’t need a Jag, I got a tractor/And I won’t apologize for things that matter… Nichols speaks to the heart of America and what’s lacking on the country airwaves today. This song is a hit today, and would of been a hit ten years ago. How many songs out there could say that? Not many.

Hear ‘Freaks Like Me’ below.

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