Zac Brown Band Lights Up Chicago, Honors The Troops on September 11th

When it comes to a live performance, there’s no act out there quite like Zac Brown Band.


The musicianship on display is simply on another level, leaving you in awe time after time throughout the performance. The concert was special. It was also September 11th, and Zac made sure to honor those that lost their lives on that day, those that helped during the tragedy, and America as a whole for its resilience.

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Before performing ‘Dress Blues’ Zac took a moment to recognize the date:

September 11 changed my course. Instead of doing things that didn’t matter, I started doing things that mattered … It brought us together as a country more than we have ever been. I dedicate this show to 9/11. I love this country.

The crowd was electric as the band honored an officer on stage. You could see people in the crowd with tears flowing, grabbing the ones they loved and pulling them closer – it was one of the coolest moments I’ve ever seen at a concert.


As for the rest of the show, all I can say is ‘wow.’ The setlist was perfect – bringing you up, and slowly bringing you down for some of the band’s ballads. One of the things I loved most about ZBB is the chance to see all the guys in the band shine, past just Zac. He’s knows his band is loaded with insanely talented musicians, and he let’s them show that off. It’s something reminiscent of a Dave Matthews Band performance, if you’ve ever seen those guys tear it up.

Among the covers like The Beatles’ ‘Let It Be’ and Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhaopsody,’ Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora came out to shred on a few tunes. Being a huge Jovi fan, I gotta say, this was totally unexpected and I lost it like a teenage girl at a Bieber show.


With all the talk about country music being too much of this, or becoming too much of that, ZBB flawlessly executes a myriad of sounds and tempos nobody else out there could pull off. One second you think your’e at an EDM show, the next a rock show, the next a hardcore country show. It’s an experience and emotional whirlwind I’ll never forget, and neither will Chicago.

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