20 Signs You Grew Up On A Farm

“You either lived on a farm or wished you did.” 

It’s a line from the classic Luke Bryan song, ‘We Rode In Trucks,’ and I have to say that in my home town, this was the case. Growing up on a farm is an entirely different way of life, founded on hard work and family, that can only be experienced to be understood.

Check out our 20 signs that you were definitely raised on a farm.


1. You were learning to drive around age 11.

2. Nothing compared to the farmer’s daughter.

3. Or the guy he hired for the summer.


4. 4-H and FFA were a way of life.

5. Rain is a good thing…. sometimes.

6. Stacking these is your idea of a workout.


7. You trained all year for the county fair.

8. You know cow tipping is a joke.

9. The weather channel is second to only the Bible.

10. Your tractor brand loyalty runs thicker than blood.

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11. You can drive stick.

12. Getting stuck behind a tractor doesn’t piss you off.

13. You invented games to play on the farm.

(I played a violent game called cage ball in an old metal corn crib….it was amazing)

14. ‘Amarillo Sky’ is your personal soul song.

15.You knew you’d eventually be eating Wilbur and didn’t get too attached.


16. Your closest “neighbor” was 2 miles away.

17. You’ve been working since you were 4.

18. You laugh when people struggle assembling their IKEA furniture.

19. Friday night football was the only reason to miss chores.

20. You couldn’t imagine growing up any other way.


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