Montgomery Gentry’s Troy Gentry Is A Road Warrior In More Ways Than One

I grew up listening to Montgomery Gentry, and they’re still going strong.

11752004_10152988153497864_2036165321791993622_nTroy Gentry hasn’t let the years of touring get in the way of staying in tip-top shape. He’s a beast, in the best shape of his life and bringing the heat night in, and night out on the road. The performances are electric, and for Troy, staying in peak physical condition has a lot to do with the confidence you see on stage.

I had the chance to talk with Troy about the relationship his fitness has with the group’s music – also, who’d give him a run for his money in an arm wrestling match?

What does being physical fit mean to you? Is it a state of mind or more than that?

It means being at my best both mentally and physically.

How tough is it to perform if you aren’t taking care of yourself physically?

It’s not too tough, but I can tell a difference on days that I haven’t worked out.

Who is one guy in the music industry you wouldn’t want to work out with, out of fear (if any) …

I haven’t met him yet. I’ll train with anybody – there’s nothing like a good challenge!

Does your physical fitness impact your music?

Physical fitness impacts my life both on and off stage. It raises my confidence level and self esteem when I’m in top shape.

You guys tour a lot, how do you find the time to make sure you stay in shape?

There is a lot of down time out here on the road. That makes it pretty easy to find a local gym or club to go get a workout in.

What’s the weirdest workout you’ve done in a pinch?

I have to be creative sometimes out on the road with dumbbells and bands but I haven’t had to resort to anything I would consider weird yet.

How long do you work-out on the road? Does it differ from your regular routine?

I try to get in 1 hour and 15 minutes. A hour for strength training and 15 minutes for cardio, depending on the facility. It doesn’t differ much from my regular routine.

What tips do you have for developing acts who want to stay fit on the road?

You have to make a conscious decision to do it and follow through. Put it on your schedule and make it a routine, like soundcheck.

How has tour life changed for you with this new album?

A new album means that we are able to bring a fresh new show with some added new songs to our fans. Touring never stops though, that’s just what we do.

How do you get yourself pumped up and ready to go on stage versus the gym – is it similar?

Both require mental and physical preparation – but during one I’m listening to music and the other I’m making it.

Arm wrestling match, is there a country artist out there that would give you a run for your money?

Oh yeah. Toby Keith and Trace Adkins. I would probably rather watch them arm wrestle. Then maybe I could take on the loser…

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