CMA Songwriters Series at Joe's Bar in Chicago on Thursday, July 30, 2015.

I Thought I Knew How Much I Loved Country Music, Until I Attended The CMA Songwriters Series

If you’re a fan of music, certain songs and artists will give you chills. It’s a beautiful thing.

I love country music, and there are plenty of songs, and live performances, that have given me chills. However, nothing compares to what I felt last Thursday at Joe’s Bar (Chicago) during the CMA Songwriters Series.

It was my first time attending this event; I sort of knew what to expect, an intimate setting, story telling, some great acoustic performances. It was so much more. It was raw and polished at the same time, an emotional roller coaster that made you realize just how beautiful country music is.

Brett James, Jim Collins, Lee Thomas Miller and Ryan Hurd were incredible, sharing fun and emotional stories, and re-connecting you to songs you thought you already had a connection to. They took you into a world few of us know, the birth of a hit song. The birth of a beautiful story manifested in a few minutes on your radio. Whether it was Brett telling the story of him and Chesney writing “Out Last Night” or Hurd singing an original track of his own, each performance was a stand out in its own way. By the way, Ryan Hurd, the youngest of the group, was a total badass – remember the name.

The ebb and flow of the evening was unlike anything I’ve experienced. Songs that make you want to party, leading into songs that make you want to cry – both leading with the story behind the song. It reminded me of country music’s beauty; how it’s built on the song and the story.

I thought I knew how much I loved country music until I attended this event. It was motivating, emotional, fun, and a night we’ll never forget. Thank you CMA.

photos via CMA Press

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