Kip Moore’s ‘Wild Ones’ Is A Country Party Anthem Unlike Any You’ve Heard

It’s no secret me n’ Wes are huge supporters of Kip Moore. Been so before day one.

When we saw Kip at Joe’s Bar in Chicago this past October he opened the show with a new song called “Wild Ones” – a song that would eventually be the title track to his upcoming album (preorder that baby right here).

“Wild Ones” was just released for download and all I can say is HELL. YES. True to Kip’s nature, “Wild Ones” stands out in a crowd. It’s unlike any “party” song you’ll hear out there right now in country music. It’s country, it’s rock, it’s everything in between and at the edges. What a breath of fresh air. Kip’s one of those artists that releases songs which hit you from the first listen – the song impacts you immediately and stays with you.

This song is a shot of adrenaline and a rallying cry for people like us – the “Wild Ones.”

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