44 Thoughts You Have In The Lawn Seats At A Country Concert

The cheapest ticket doesn’t mean the worst time.

There’s some magical stuff going on in that lawn. 44 thoughts you have while out there….


44. She shouldn’t be wearing that.

43. Neither should he.

42. Are they actually a couple?


41. I’m too sober.

40. Hey these seats aren’t that bad.

39. I can actually see the stage pretty well.

38. I’m going to lie down and feel the grass.

37. This is the life.


36. I hope I don’t break the seal at the wrong time.

35. I should probably buy two beers per trip.

34. Is this girl hitting on me?

33. No, she’s 18 and wants me to buy her beer.

32. No.

31. Is this lady hitting on me?

30. Yes.

29. Is she 50?

28. Yes.

27. $13 for a beer?


26. I’ll end up spending $140 on beer tonight.

26. Lots of high school kids here.

25. I’m too old to be out here.

24. Is that weed?

23. Who’s on stage?

22. I can’t see.


21. I’m going to trip down this hill.

20. I hope that wasn’t pee that just hit my leg.

19. Or dip spit.

18. Is that couple having sex?

17. Is that the opener up there or the headliner?


16. I’m going to lose my group.

15. I hope the headliner works his way back here.

14. People smell funny.

13. I have to pee.


12. The line will be so long.

11. You’re an adult, use the restroom.

10. Yeah, use the restroom, then grab two more beers.

9. These beers are probably watered down.

8. I could have bought 14 12-packs with the money I spent on 11 beers.


7. That’s life.

6. I’m not going to remember much of this.

5. Next time I’ll spend the money to sit up front.

4. It’s going to be a bitch getting out of here.

3. I should of snuck in a flask.

2. Did I really just spend that much on beer?


1. What bar are we going to?

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