16 Reasons A Shower Beer Is The Greatest Thing Ever

If you haven’t had a beer in the shower, are you really living? No. You’re not.

The shower beer is, without question, the most underrated way to consume alcohol. There are universal forces converging for an experience and feeling that just can’t be matched.

Here are 16 reasons why it doesn’t get much better than that shower beer. Oh, and if you love shower beers, make sure you check out the “Shower Beer Drinker.” t-shirt right here.

16. It signifies work being over.

15. It’s super refreshing.

14. It’s one of the most American things you can do.

13. You’re doing something totally awesome while you do something totally normal.


12. It tastes better in there, for whatever reason.

11. It makes for a killer Instagram post.

10. You’ll get some good thinking done.

9. You’re drinking a beer naked.

8. You’re drinking a beer.

7. It’s the perfect pregame.

6. You’re killing a couple birds with one stone.

5. It’s hot and cold in there.

4. If you spill, f*ck it, doesn’t matter in there.

3. It’s the ultimate relaxer.

2. It’s the best form of multitasking known to man. Plus, you can just pee right there, ya know?


1. You deserve it.

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