Ray Scott’s “Ain’t Always Thirsty” Is Raw Country, Heart, And Grit

We hear “this isn’t country” quite often these days with all the new artists and genre bending songs.

What’s great is that you can love it all. You can love the old stuff, the new stuff, and everything in between. There are still new artists that take you back. Traditional sounds that still have their place today amid all the evolving beats and tempos.

Ray Scott is one of those guys, and his song “Aint Always Thirsty” will hit you in the gut and remind you of the foundation country music was built on.

In the vein of Waylon, Willie and Kristofferson, the storyline was born as a result of an emotional and painful divorce and self-reflection. The simplistic, pensive lyrics showcase a deeper, more vulnerable side of the indie performer and recording artist.

Take a listen.

Pick up “Ain’t Always Thirsty” right here.

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