90’s Legend, Crystal Pepsi, Is Making A Comeback

I’m too young to remember drinking this stuff, but browsing the interwebs made it clear that the 90’s beverage has one hell of a loyal following. People took to social media, begging Pepsi to bring this drink back.

Now, their pleas appear to have been answered.


Talk about some nostalgia right? I mean, look at that photo.

Ad Age confirms that the clear stuff is expected to be back.

Crystal Pepsi appears headed for a comeback, that much is clear. But details on when and how the 1990s-era cola will return remain murky.

The clear cola was first introduced in 1992 but lasted only a few years. Despite its short lifespan, the drink apparently gained a loyal following of consumers who have lobbied PepsiCo to bring it back.

A little Crystal with white rum?


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