Rare White-Faced Fawn, Rejected by Mother, Finds New Life in Michigan

Cedar Springs, Michigan has itself a rarity.

Recently, a white-faced fawn was born at Hilary Powell’s Deer Tracks Junction farm – the extra spots of white are a birth defect.


From MLive:

Born about a week and a half ago at Deer Tracks Junction farm, the fawn, named Dragon by Powell’s 19-year-old son, was unique from the start. His birth mother, “Bunny” is a special type of whitetail deer known as the Piebald, which carries a genetic defect causing it to have large areas of white in its coat. The defect reportedly occurs in less than 1 percent of the whitetail deer population.

Dragon was rejected by his mother after birth, likely by natural instinct because he looks different than other fawns. His white coloring would cause him to stand out rather than blend in when trying to hide in nature, Powell said.

Later this summer, as he grows and becomes stable, he’ll join the other deer in a large fenced-in pasture area. This could happen as early as July, Powell said.

Deer Tracks Junction opened in 2012 along 14 Mile Road in Cedar Springs. It’s a working farm that offers educational opportunities for children and families.

via MLive

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