Gloriana Releases Tracklist & Cover Art For Upcoming Album ‘Three’

Gloriana has a new album entitled ‘Three’ on the horizon. Creatively named for the band’s third album and there is also three members in the band. The album will feature four pre-sale tracks at iTunes, with Top 25 (and rising) hit “Trouble” being joined by “It’s On Tonight” and “Wanna Get To Know You” this week and “Nobody But You,” “Ain’t Running Outta Summer” and “Lighters” next week.

Check out the cover art and tracklist below:


Gloriana Three Tracklist:

  1. “Trouble”* (Rachel Reinert/Mike Gossin/Jon Nite/Ross Copperman)
  2. “Ain’t Runnin’ Outta Summer”** (Tom Gossin/Mike Gossin/Ross Copperman)
  3. “Are You Ready” (Tom Gossin/Josh Kear)
  4. “Nobody But You”** (Eric Paslay/Dylan Altman/Will Hoge)
  5. “It’s On Tonight”* (Tom Gossin/Mike Gossin/Danny Myrick/Rachel Proctor)
  6. “Fight” (Catt Gravitt/Gerald O’Brien/John King)
  7. “Wanna Get To Know You”* (Rachel Reinert/Tom Gossin/Ross Copperman)
  8. “Let’s Take A Shot “(Mike Gossin/Rachel Reinert/Danny Myrick)
  9. “Get Back That Goodbye” (Rachel Reinert/Mike Gossin/Jon Nite/Jimmy Robbins)
  10. “Lighters”** (Tom Gossin/Rachel Reinert/Ross Copperman)
  11. “It Won’t Let Go” (Mike Gossin/Tom Gossin/Danny Myrick
  12. “My Somebody” (Lucie Silvas/Jon Green/Jeremy Spillman)

h/t Roughstock

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