Keith Urban & Stevie Wonder Join Jason Derulo For New Song

No collaborations should surprise us at this point, right?

Well, on Jason Derulo’s new single “Broke,” he gets help from two unlikely sources – Keith Urban and Stevie Wonder.

This from Rolling Stone Country

On the surface, Urban’s work in “Broke” echoes the sideman role he played with Tim McGraw’s “Highway Don’t Care.” Both songs feature a quiet, microphone-free Urban who makes his presence known with his fretwork, not his vocals. While “Highway Don’t Care” is a country power ballad, though, “Broke” — with its drum loops, DJ breaks and “mo’ money, mo’ problems” refrain — is a hip-hop tribute to sitting back, getting stoned and avoiding the rat race. Urban’s banjo riff and Stevie Wonder’s harmonica solos help represent the twangier side of the Dirty South, but “Broke” is an example of country music assimilating itself into another genre, not the other way around.

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