No Frills: Chris Stapleton’s ‘Traveller’ Is 14 Songs Of Country’s Best Voice

Computerized beats. Rap lyrics. Drum machines. You won’t find them on Chris Stapleton’s new album, Traveller.

Use the word ‘refreshing,’ use the word ‘ballsy’ – I’ll just use ‘great.’ Stapleton has no problem writing hit songs for country’s biggest names (Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, etc); songs that you hear on the radio repeatedly and see topping the charts regularly. If you’re following today’s country superstars on Twitter you’ll see a recurring theme, them posting about how great Chris Stapleton is as an artist. Undeniable greatness is just that, undeniable. With Stapleton, you don’t need to listen to more than one of his songs before you realize you’re listening to THE best voice in country music.


If you’re a young fan of country, and you listen to his music, and hear the gift he’s been blessed with, you’ll soon discover a new appreciation for artistry and talent. While browsing some of Stapleton’s YouTube videos I came across a comment that read, “Who needs drugs? I have Chris Stapleton.” In all honesty, that’s the type of power his voice, and music, can have over you.

As far as the album goes, Traveller is, from top to bottom, nothing but a harmonious blend of gritty country and southern soul. The album’s closing track ‘Sometimes I Cry’ will flat out knock you on your ass and make you shake your head in awe.

‘When The Stars Come Out’ is a song I would love to see played on my radio, but in today’s pop-country world, it may be a long shot. The tide is definitely turning though, and Chris is a part of that. If you were to pick one song that had the best chance on radio, ‘Parachute’ is probably the most upbeat radio-friendly track. It fits in perfectly on this album, still.

Having said that, this album isn’t about radio plays, #1’s, or following trends – it’s a reminder of what real music is.

Standout Tracks:

When The Stars Come Out

Sometimes I Cry


Daddy Doesn’t Pray Anymore

Tennessee Whiskey

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