Tyler Farr’s ‘Suffer In Peace’ Is A Sophomore Smash

Tyler Farr’s first album garnered him some radio success with two top 10 singles, including the smash hit ‘Redneck Crazy,’ however, according to critics, nothing on that album particularly separated him from the rest of his “bro-country” buddies. Enter Farr’s new album Suffer In Peace, fresh on the heels of the hit single ‘A Guy Walks Into A Bar,’ to completely legitimatize Farr as a staple in the modern country scene. Farr shines the brightest when he attacks a song vocally, and digs into the raw emotion of the lyrics. This guy can flat out sing and he embraces his sweet spot multiple times on this album with a few country heartbreak song. The overall tone of the album is pretty high energy, with heavy guitar licks and pretty screaming lead guitar work. Even on the slower songs, Farr’s gravelly voice doesn’t let you relax. Suffer In Peace features songwriting from some of the heaviest hitters in Nashville, along with few that Farr co-wrote himself.


The albums first track C.O.U.N.T.R.Y. is an in your face, full throttle, anthem of all things country. While I do find it a little corny at times, especially in reference to having a pair of “truck nuts” hanging from the hitch (which is ridiculous), I do love the overall sound of the song. A Guy Walks Into A Bar, Withdrawals, Suffer In Peace and I Don’t Even Want This Beer are all country heartbreak songs and for the most part, are the shining stars of the album. Farr’s powerful voice evokes an honesty and passion that few in country music can top. It’s real music about real life and he can convey that raw emotion well.

Damn Good Friends (featuring Jason Aldean) is probably my favorite track from the album. It’s about that close circle of friends hopefully most of us are lucky to have. From pulling you out of a ditch, getting your back, and letting you crash on the couch, Farr hits on different scenarios where you need to rely on good friends. Aldean’s verse is great and really anytime two country stars collaborate on a song it provides a different dynamic. It should happen more often.

Finally, Why We Live Here is the all-american country song that closes out the album. God, guns and freedom are all sentiments echoed by Farr in this patriotic tune. It’s a track that we can all identify with in some way, no matter which side of the political spectrum you fall into. It’s pro-America without being arrogant and obnoxious.

Suffer In Peace is an overwhelming success. Farr stays true to his country roots and compiled 11 songs of country living, country love and country heartbreak. The album continues to grow on me more and more with each play, and I find myself loving a new song each day. He digs deep, lets us see into who Tyler Farr really is and the album shines because of it.

Standout Tracks

A Guy Walks Into A Bar


Damn Good Friends


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