“Giant Leap of Faith”: Brain-Dead Nebraska Mom Kept Alive to Deliver Baby

A brain dead Nebraska woman was kept on life support for nearly eight weeks so the baby she was carrying could survive, medical officials said.


Karla Perez collapsed in her home in Waterloo, Nebraska, on Feb. 8 after complaining of severe headaches. Doctors later determined she had suffered a brain bleed. With her baby at just 22 weeks, too young to survive outside the womb, “it was then that we had decisions to make,” said Dr. Andrew Robertson at the Methodist Women’s Hospital. Baby Angel, weighing just under 3 pounds, was delivered earlier this month, according to the Methodist Health System.

“Our team took a giant leap of faith,” Sue Korth, vice president and COO of Methodist Women’s Hospital, said in a statement Thursday announcing the successful procedure. “We were attempting something that not many before us have been able to do.”

via NBC

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