Justin Anderson Releases Debut Single ‘Overdrive’

Justin Anderson’s debut EP has hit the iTunes Country Album Charts at a surprising #15 on it’s debut date. The project is a 4 song EP called “Overdrive”, that was produced by Garrett Parris & Jimmy Milliken. The EP’s projected first single is also “Overdrive”, soon to be tested at some small market stations.

“I can not believe what our fans did on Tuesday April 21st, they bought my first EP and put us as a Top 20 selling artist on iTunes. For a small town boy, that’s huge for me” said Anderson. “Seeing my name with the big artists and major labels was so surreal”.

“Justin Anderson has so much talent, he’s gonna be a household name in the future. He wants his music to mean something, just what great country music is.” said Palmetto Blue Record’s Jimmy Milliken.

Download Justin Anderson’s debut single ‘Overdrive’ here:


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