The Cadillac Three Strike Gold With New Single ‘White Lightning’

When I talked to The Cadillac Three last year (read the interview here), they told me “We actually have a few slower songs we are working on for the next album, but most of it will still be that in-your-face sound that you are used to.” Now if you are not familiar with The Cadillac Three, first of all, shame on you, but secondly they are one of the most unique group of guys in country music. Their loud, “country fuzz” sound is full throttle all the time, so I was partly being sarcastic when I asked about any ballads on the new album, however ‘White Lightning’ is exactly that.

This song is plain and simple about love at first sight.

She stole my heart / Faster than a McQueen runnin’ them red lights / Faster than the duke boys jumpin’ that hillside / Faster than Elvis could shake rattle roll / Faster than a skirt flyin’ up on Monroe.

What really makes this song special is how deep and meaningful the lyrics are, yet Jaren sings them without sacrificing that “badassness” that makes them The Cadillac Three. It’s a country boys love song, as pure as it could be written, with a simple guitar melody and Kelby Ray’s bluesy lap steel licks. It sounds deep and expansive, yet simple at the same time, just like the lyrics.

I think country radio should embrace ‘White Lightning’ faster than a walnut rolls off a hen house. It has the makings of a song that could catapult The Cadillac Three into the country radio realm, despite their left of center style and sound.

It’s a song about love at first sight and that’s exactly what I felt the first time I heard it. Love it.

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