Randy Rogers Band Rocks Joe’s Bar. Proves Texas Country Should Be Everyone’s Country.

For Whiskey Riff, it was our first time seeing Randy Rogers Band live. We were excited.

In all honesty we didn’t know what to expect. We had seen so many acts at Joe’s Bar (Chicago) and wondered what would be different, what would the crowd be like, what would the energy be like?


Randy Rogers Band proved Texas country should be everyone’s country. We’re huge fans of it here, and have been for some time, mainly because the music is real and it hits you in the soul. As RRB weaved in and out of hits like “Trouble Knows My Name” and “Fuzzy” you could feel the crowd swell with pride and excitement. They hung on to every song.

The show was the perfect mix of getting you amped and stopping you in your tracks – captivating you with soulful lyrics and sounds that remind us of why we love Randy Rogers Band and the most underrated segment of country music.


Bells and whistles. There weren’t any. That’s where the beauty lies. A stripped down representation of what music should be now and always. One thing that was obvious at this show, maybe more than any other we’ve seen, is that the fans are die hard. This is their music. They connected with the music from the first note and the band did the same with them. It was a beautiful site to see. Something you can only see in person. Not through a cell phone video, or an Instagram post.


Randy Rogers Band reminded us, and everyone at Joe’s Bar, what great music is, and what great country music is built of. Whether is was song one of the night, song seven, or the encore and “Kiss Me In The Dark” (where the crowd went insane), you got lost in the music in the best way possible. This type of country music has no state lines, no geographic location. If you say you like country music, this is your music.

Photos via Joe’s Bar and Vofotos

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