Prepare To Have Chris Janson’s ‘Buy Me a Boat’ On Repeat…For A LONG Time.

As an independent artist Chris Janson doesn’t have some of the firepower backing his music. That’s fine. Great songs will always find their way around – ‘Buy Me a Boat’ is just that, a great song and perfect for summer.

Thanks to a little help and added exposure from the Bobby Bones Show, ‘Buy Me a Boat’ hit the TOP of the iTunes charts recently, one listen and you won’t be surprised.


The song is the quintessential summer anthem – a perfect country-rock tune you’ll find yourself playing over, and over, and over again. It’s lyrically sharp for a not-so-serious message, something rarely seen. You’ll want to work out to it, drink to it, blow out the speakers with it.

Bravo, Chris.

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