7 Irritating Things People Say About Country Music

People are crazy. Here’s our list of all the stupid things people say about country music to prove it.

7. “I Love Country! Like Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts”

Ok great…. it’s a start, but the truth is you’ve never really tried country music. You’re splashing around in a puddle with a whole ocean out there to be explored. Taylor Swift is not even country anymore so she doesn’t count and Rascal Flatts? Gimme a break. They’re the country equivalent of The Backstreet Boys. Liking those two, while having never heard of Eric Church doesn’t make you a country fan, it makes you an idiot. Dive in a little more before you start telling me how much you love country music.


 6. “It’s Too Conservative”

Country music does lend itself to a certain “God, Guns and Ol’ Glory” mindset but that’s a reflection of the culture. Hip-hop reflects a culture and the punk rock scene reflects a culture as well. That being said, today’s country music is blurring the lines between culture unlike we’ve ever seen. Grammy nominated country singer Brandy Clark is openly gay, along with one of country music’s most prominent and award winning songwriters, Shane McAnally. Both are deeply embraced by the country music community. Florida Georgia Line’s current number one is called “Sun Daze” and it’s mostly about getting high. Nelly, Ludacris, and Jason Derulo have all worked with country stars recently and country hip-hop remixes are becoming more and more prevalent. So yeah, we support the troops and some of us go to church on Sunday, but this isn’t your grandpa’s country music anymore.

5. “You Can’t Dance To It”

For a couple guys that like to down a few tequila shots and cut a rug, we find this to be a really stupid comment. With today’s beat-heavy party tunes, hip-hop remixes, and guys like Sam Hunt exploding onto the scene, country is far more progressive than the line dancing days of “Achy Breaky Heart.” If you’ve never seen an award show or been to a concert, there are dancers on stage and people dancing in the crowd everywhere. Maybe the problem is that you just can’t dance that well yourself and don’t know what to do if you’re not twerking in the club. Sam Hunt’s “Lipstick Graffiti Tour” is featuring break dancers on stage. That’s right, break dancers. Check it out and stop living in the 90’s.


4. “Country Music Is Only For Rednecks”

I live in Chicago. It’s the 3rd largest city in the country and the country music scene here is growing just as fast as any, if not faster. (Read our article on “Nashville North”) There was never a mass migration of so called “rednecks” from Alabama to Chicago either. Chicago and New York both hosted large scale, 3-day country music festivals this past summer. The reality is, that country music is really about a state of mind. You can be in the largest city in America or in the backwoods of Virginia and be completely dialed into the country music scene. I grew up on 14 acres, surrounded by corn on all sides and I also have lived in the city for the past 8 years. I have seen all walks of life embrace country music. There is a little something that’s relatable for anyone, whether you’re a “redneck” or not.


3. “Country Music Is All Sad Songs”

This is a comment that shows me that you clearly don’t even know a single country song. Today’s country radio is so saturated with the same cliché, feel-good party songs that a dose of depth and sadness might be good for it. Like I said earlier, this isn’t your grandpa’s country anymore. There is this thing in country music today called “Bro-Country,” which I think is a ridiculous title but that’s another story. Either way, in case you live under a rock, “Bro-Country” is pop/hip-hop driven country that is primarily focused on partying, meeting pretty girls, drinking and cruising around in your truck. Nobody dies, nobody has a drinking problem, and nobody’s dog runs away. The good news is that we can help you. Every Friday, we put out our “Weekend Pregame” playlist. They’re predominately a playlist of high-energy party tunes that are fun to listen to. Give them a listen and then we’ll talk about how sad country really is.

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2. “Today’s Country Isn’t Real Country

What is “real country” in the first place? Now we are flipping over to the other side of the coin from the previous comment. This is the “bro-country” haters who think that country music isn’t “real country” unless it’s Cash, Waylon, Strait or Hank. What people don not seem to get is that the themes of today’s country music, i.e. drinking, dirt roads, pretty girls, trucks and moonlight were all being sung about way before anyone hated it. Brad Paisley’s “Mud on the Tires” was “bro-country” way back in 2003. So I guess I’m confused as to why today’s music isn’t real country. While the list of artists dominating country radio these days might not be my favorite either, it’s ok to have a little fun with it. Finally, I also don’t care what they look like, what they wear, their haircut, tattoos etc…. Let’s be honest, Willie Nelson has pigtails.

1. “I Like Everything Except Country”

Nothing really grinds my gears like this comment. It’s the culmination of all the previous comments put into one. So basically what you’re telling me is that you’d rather hear anything over country right now? It’s just beyond ignorant to say “I like anything other than country,” when chances are you have never really even listened to it. To discredit an entire genre, which in itself has its own sub-genres and styles, is also just as crazy to me. I’m not saying that everyone has to love country music. God knows that I sure don’t listen to certain genre’s myself, but we do play quite a mix in the Whiskey Riff office here. If we can convert a bunch of our Chicago friends, then there is hope for anyone. But seriously, if you are one of these people, I urge you to challenge yourself and try to expand your horizons a bit before you shoot off your mouth with the “anything but country” comments. Dig into artists like Sam Hunt, Brothers Osborne and Kip Moore and then move deeper into some more traditional artists like Jon Pardi, Kacey Musgraves & Kenny Chesney . You can thank me later.

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