Why I’m In Love With Little Big Town’s ‘Girl Crush’

When Little Big Town first released Pain Killer, I knew that ‘Girl Crush’ was unlike anything I’ve heard before. It’s subtle guitar melody and faint percussion draw all your attention to the soulful vocal performance from Karen Fairchild. When you listen to ‘Girl Crush,’ you can feel the emotion and the heartache in what is ultimately a song of jealousy and longing for someone you can’t have.

At first glance, you get the impression that she is interested in another woman, but stay patient for the clever twist. With vivid imagery like, I want to taste her lips/ Yeah, cuz they taste like you/ I want her magic touch/ Yeah, cuz maybe then/ You’d want me just as much/ I’ve got a girl crush, the true feelings of the singer are released and her bitterness is felt. It’s a wonderfully unique and sexy way to express a jealous feeling we all experience at one point or another.

‘Girl Crush is far left of what mainstream country radio is playing right now and flirting with lesbian wordplay makes this a risky choice to be released as a single. But all in all, its clever lyricism, perfectly minimal arrangement and sexy vocals make it one of our favorites so far and an early front runner for song of the year.

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