Kip Moore Is To “Blame” For Country’s Most Infectious New Single

The first thing I noticed about Kip Moore’s new single, “I’m to Blame” wasn’t its sound, it was its length. Before I ever even played the song in full, I knew I was about to get hit with something that held nothing back.

A song that’s two minutes and change needs to be INTENSE. “I’m to Blame” is exactly that, and then some. Kip himself stated, “I think it’s probably the most intense track on the record.” Lyrically, this song is what we all love about Kip. The grit, the honesty, the fearlessness to go against the grain. It fits him perfectly, as I’m sure he knew when writing it.

Kip has been playing this song live for years, often acoustically. With the single, producer Brett James brilliantly created a dynamic beat and arrangement that makes the listener anxiously wait to hit the ‘replay’ button. Speaking of hitting the replay button, you will do it more than normal here, because as I mentioned the song is about 2:16 in length. I decided to look at all my music on iTunes and Spotify. Thousands of songs. There was a 3-way tie for shortest song. Carl Perkins’ “Blue Suede Shoes” – George Strait’s “Heartland” – and Kip Moore’s “I’m to Blame” – if these three have one thing in common, it’s their ability to grab you and not let go. Hold on, and be ready to hit ‘replay.’

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