Keith Urban Lifts A Glass To Life’s Special Moments In New Single “Raise ‘Em Up” Feat. Eric Church

Keith Urban is officially starting off 2015 with a potential song of the year. His latest single, “Raise ‘Em Up,” features one of the top writers in Nashville (Jaren Johnston) and enlists a vocal performance from the Grammy nominated superstar, Eric Church. Keith will be looking for his 4th number one off his hit album, Fuse, and we’re calling it early. It’s a number 1.

Raise ‘Em Up is only 3 minutes long, but it’s 3 minutes of raw emotion and deep meaning. From high school romance, marriage and fatherhood to war and sacrifice, the song touches on all the various moments in life and subtly renews our appreciation for the times when we can raise a glass. Church’s verse is a gutsy tribute to our soldiers in the armed forces and with lyrics like “fist black and blue, fight for the truth,” Church shows us exactly why he is the perfect person for this song. Finally, Keith turns the song on it’s head when he goes from raising up a glass to raising up his children.

“Raise ‘Em Up” is a lyrical masterpiece with a subtle acoustic guitar melody that really draws attention to what is being said. It’s raw, it’s emotional, it’s meaningful, and for that, we here at Whiskey Riff, raise ’em up.

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