Outshyne: Artist Spotlight & Exclusive Interview

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Outshyne is the band behind the hit song “Moonlight Crush,”  which hit Number 1 on SiriusXM Highway Hot 45 Countdown back in July and has been holding strong in the top 10 since. The five-piece band from South Carolina consists of Waylon Owings (lead singer, guitar), Josh Coleman (lead guitar, vocals), Casey Joe Kelly (rhythm guitar, vocals), Jason Paxton (bass) and Matthew “Smiley” Norris (drums). Performing full-time since 2010, Outshyne has opened for stars like Jake Owen, Eric Church, Lee Briceand many others and are about to make a big splash in the country music scene to close out the year.

A week before the launch of 2 new songs on September 9th, Outshyne agreed to chat with Whiskey Riff. Here’s what they had to say:

How did you come up with the name Outshyne?

Funny story, our very first gig we didn’t have a name and Jason said he wasn’t going to play without a name. So we put five names in a hat and Outshyne was picked.

As a group, how do you all get ready for a show?

First off, we all take a shot except for Casey who doesn’t drink. Then Waylon prepares by voice scales on his vocals. Then right before we hit the stage we all say a prayer…then its game on.

Who would be your dream to tour with?

Hank Williams Jr. and Merle Haggard

Favorite city to play in?

Rootstown, OH at The Dusty Armadillo

What are some of the worst jobs you all had before getting into music?

We all worked at Burger King at the same time except for Casey. Jason was the manager, Waylon was the cook, Smiley and Josh did everything else. We even went to Burger King academy…(Laughs)

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What’s your opinion of all this “bro-country” talk?

It is what it is, but we’re country and that’s what we love.

You’re releasing 2 songs in September; can we also expect a new album soon?

Beginning of the year 2015.

The band is stranded on an island with one album…Could you all agree on one and what would it be?

We all love Jon Pardi’s new CD. We jam it everywhere we go.

The band is pretty vocal about interacting with fans. Have you ever had a really strange fan experience?

It’s not very hygienic, but we had a fan lose his tooth at a show and then at the post show autograph session asked us to sign it. Although we try to please all of our fans, that’s one request we couldn’t do.

With “Moonlight Crush” being your latest hit, do any of you have any celebrity crushes you’re willing to admit?

Miranda Lambert. Josh said he would even fight Blake over her (Laughs)

You all have a last meal…What are we having?

Taco Bell or Mexican…except for Josh he is the hunter and fisherman out of the group. He’d rather skin and cook his.

Chicago is the home of Whiskey Riff, do you have any future plans to play the legendary Joe’s Bar?

 We headlined a show there last year for Ed Warm at Joe’s and looking forward to getting back to the club. Love those guys.

Anything else you want to share?

Check us out on social media, get our new singles “Night With Your Name on It” & “Whiskey Whispers” on Itunes and other digital outlets. Hope to see all our fans real soon at shows in your area. Also thanks to Whiskey Riff for all of their support.

Also, the guys from Outshyne were nice enough to give us early access to their two new kick-ass songs “Night With Your Name on It” & “Whiskey Whispers.” We’ve had them on repeat and are gonna be doing a review on the day they launch so make sure to check back here September 9th to take a listen and see what we thought.

Thanks again to the guys at Outshyne for taking the time to talk with us and for more information about Outshyne, take a look at the links below.

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