Cody Johnson Mirrors His Own Love Story With New “On My Way To You” Music Video

Nothing like a good love story. Especially, when it’s your own.

Directed by Sean Hagwell, CoJo’s new video for “On My Way To You” paints a vivid picture to match the heartfelt lyrics of the hit single.

“It seems autobiographical of myself, from my journey to my wife, to the career path that I’ve taken. It talks about the bumps, and the bruises, and the hard times along the way, and the negatives that wind up being the positives,” Cody shared with Billboard.

Cody’s upcoming album Ain’t Nothin’ To It is set for release January 18, 2019 but will be available for preorder October 26, offering five tracks including “On My Way To You.”

This is gonna be a good one.