American Aquarium’s “One Day At A Time” Reveals BJ Barham’s Journey To Sobriety

American Aquarium recently stopped by the late night show ‘Last Call With Carson Daly’ to perform “One Day At A Time,” off of their album released in June of this year, titled Things Change. The song is about lead singer BJ Barham’s struggle with alcoholism and his journey to sobriety by taking it one day at a time.

In an in interview with Billboard, Barham said:

“One Day At A Time’ is kind of my self-analyzation — ‘OK, I had a drinking problem. Where did this problem start? At one point in time I was just a dude drinking cold beer on the weekend with his friends; How did that turn into a guy who couldn’t function before noon without half a bottle of whiskey?

“So it’s a self-analysis of how I fell so far into the hole and then pulled myself out of that hole. Everybody likes a good comeback story, and that’s what a lot of sobriety stories are. You hear that phrase in recovery a lot — one day at a time. You can only control the day, and as long as you control the day you can fight one more.”

BJ Barham is one hell of a songwriter and storyteller, which certainly shows in just about every song released by American Aquarium, and especially on their most recent album Things Change.

Check out American Aquarium’s live performance of “One Day At A Time”.

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