Who Would’ve Thought An Ax-Throwing Bar Would Get Suspended For Being “Unsafe”


The Hub Stadium, an Auburn Hills, Michigan, bar that features ax-throwing lanes, just had its liquor license and permits suspended by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission until they can develop new safety procedures and precautions.

“A licensed establishment that allows alcohol-consuming patrons to throw potentially injurious and even deadly weapons posed significant concern,” says a statement issued Tuesday, Sept. 25, by the state office of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.”

You don’t say?

According to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission, videos on Hub Stadium’s social media platforms showed patrons throwing axes at bottles of spirits, consuming shots from the bottle that was not struck, and a message displayed on the video stating: “Who said don’t mix alcohol with ax throwing?” Other causes for concern included a person flipping the ax in mid-air and catching it with the other hand before throwing the ax at the target, a person throwing two axes at once, and person juggling two axes before tossing them at the target.

Sounds harmless. Hold my beer…

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