Whiskey Riff Song Of The Week: “Faceplant” By Ruston Kelly

Steve is off in Slovenia enjoying his honeymoon right now so I’m stepping in for the Song of the Week pick. As Spiderman’s Uncle Ben once said, “with great power comes great responsibility,” so fear not, I’ll only make my pic after careful deliberation.

Ruston Kelly’s Dying Star has been on repeat since in release on September 7th, particularly “Faceplant,” a confessional and, dare I say, comical anthem about the whirlwind that a life of drug use can be.

“This song is about learning to laugh at yourself; every foolish mistake should be met with a sense of wisdom and humor. How else would we ever make it through? My life was like a fucked up drug-fueled carnival for so many years and being able to express that completely and transparently is essentially what art is to me.”

Ladies and gentleman, your song of the week.