McDonalds Gave $25,000 Each To The Guys Who Went Viral For Hanging Up A Fake Poster

Wes wrote about these guys a while back but if you missed it, here’s the low down with an update.

These two guys noticed a blank wall at their local McDonalds, so they decided to take decorating into their own hands. The two printed and hung up a huge poster of themselves eating McDonalds up on the wall. The fake poster was there for 51 days before they decided to let the world know what was going on.

Long story short, this picture went viral and now McDonalds has decided to reward the guys with $25K EACH. Unreal. In the world we live in today, with all the crazy viral videos, you never know what’ll land you $25,000 in your pocket.

These guys now essentially have unlimited McDonalds for life and I’m jealous.