BarkBox Opening “Outdoor Clubhouse” for Dogs and Humans in Nashville

I like dogs more than people these days.

Plenty of you out there are with me on that one, I know it. Anyways, BarkBox (the subscription service for dog treats and toys) is opening up their first “BarkPark” and it will be located in Nashville.

According to Tech Crunch, the goal is to create a space that combines a dog park with a coffee shop or other hangout spot for humans.

“I was out with friends, we’re drinking wine, it’s a really cool restaurant … it was like a poster for people having a good time in the city,” said BarkBox co-founder Henrik Werdelin. “But my dog Molly was left out. And I realized: she deserves a space like this. We should be here together.”

Here are some more details about what you can expect:

–  dogs will be able to play off-leash

– dogs can try out Bark toys and treats (a selection will also be available for purchase).

– dog owners will get free WiFi, and access to a little coffee shop

– dogs and owners will also be able to attend weekly events like live music and beer tastings. That sounds fun, right?

Nashville was selected first because “There’s a fast-growing population of modern dog parents who want to take their dogs everywhere – they’re totally obsessed! – which perfectly describes our vision for BarkPark’s membership,” the company said.

Day passes cost $19, and you can also buy four-week ($49) or seasonal ($78) passes. The plan is to have this open by September 8th, and will close for winter on November 18th. No official word on the exact location yet.