Michigan Woman Anonymously Mailed Poop: “You’ll Never Find Out Who Did This”

Holland, Michigan.

A beautiful little town on Lake Michigan with windmills, tulips, a few local breweries, good clean family friendly fun. Unfortunately, one resident from this seaside village has been terrorized by an anonymous poop fiend. It’s about to change her life forever.

Donna, who chose not to reveal her last name to WNEM, said she opened her mailbox last month to a package which contained a Ziploc bag. On it, it was written: “You’ve been pooped on, want to know by whom? Turn over.”

Donna said the package was addressed to her specifically, with her name and address listed on the package.

When her son grabbed a pair of gloves and turned the card over, all it read was, “You’ll never find out who did this.”

Look, getting a bag of poop mailed to you sucks. It’s gross, kind of humiliating and the fact that someone would go to that kind of trouble must mean somebody really hates you. That all sucks, I’ll give you that. But you know what really sucks? Not knowing…

Not knowing who did this or why they did it.

Long after that poop bag is gone Donna is going to wake up in the middle of the night, cold sweats and just think to herself…

“Who the fuck sent me that poop?”

And then a few years later, it’s going to be Thanksgiving and she just set out her little gravy boat that she only uses for special occasions. Filled with delicious gravy, friends and family gathered around the table, and then it hits her….

“Who the fuck sent me that poop?”

Fast-forward to Spring of 2026, Donna is getting ready to plant her little garden for the summer, she’s got all her little seeds ready, her little shovel and the neighbor says to her “Morning Donna!”

“It was you wasn’t it Bob, you shit-mailing mother fucker,” she yells.

Bob is confused. Donna apologizes.

Summer 2033, Donna isn’t well. Living in a constant state of wonder and anxiety she has been overtaken by it. Mentally unstable, on her deathbed, she breathes her final words….

“Who… the fuck… sent me that poop?”

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