Kenny Chesney Sets Nashville’s Nissan Stadium Record With 55,182 Attendance Mark

Kenny just keeps doing it.

Songs for the Saints is one of Chesney’s best albums…ever. He just had two numbers ones in about three weeks. Now, he has a record at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium.

Kenny just broke One Direction’s 2014 record of 54,249 in attendance with 55,182 fans in the home of the Tennessee Titans.

“There’s a special energy that happens when you’re home,” Chesney said of the show. “This one’s for the people who know you, your team, where these songs come from. When they sing the chorus of ‘American Kids,’ you can feel they know that song in a whole other way – and it’s incredible to hear that much passion and energy coming at the stage.”

“When we hit that stage, you could feel No Shoes Nation was all in from the first notes of ‘Beer in Mexico’,” Chesney explained. “They leaned into the music, they sang louder in places than we did. Mostly, they had fun, and you could see it on their faces, feel it onstage. When an audience gives that much, you bring it that much harder.”

Photo Credit: Jill Trunnell