Devin Dawson Is “Asking For A Friend” In New Music Video

We’re seeing double in Devin Dawson’s new music video for “Asking For A Friend.”

“I’m so proud of this video and the entire team that made it possible,” said Dawson. “Music videos have a one-of-a-kind way of elevating a song to the next level, whether that’s taking a completely new turn, twist, or angle on a song’s concept or simply driving home the song’s core emotion. For this video I really wanted to emphasize the story and the lyric of ‘Asking For A Friend.’ The prideful character I’m playing in this song and video is taking a round-about way of trying to apologize to his lady by asking forgiveness ‘for a friend.’ In reality, he’s simply asking for himself. Patrick Tracy, our director, came up with the incredible concept of having me play all the parts – the ‘friends’ and the real me. This allowed for some pretty ambitious visual scenes, but it was an incredibly fun way to get us all out of our comfort zones. I will always be a lyric guy at heart and nothing makes me happier than watching those words literally come to life.”

Check it out.