Wheeler Walker, Jr: “Hick Hop Is A Hate Crime.”

Let me start by saying I’m not a fan of “hick hop.”

The great Wheeler Walker, Jr. is not either. He just shared some hilarious Instagram posts and Tweets regarding a run-in with The LACS. Apparently, while performing at Sturgis, Wheeler’s bus was parked by theirs. And their bus started leaking piss…

Wheeler was not happy:

I had the unfortunate opportunity at Sturgis to park my bus next to @thelacsmusic. The Lacs made not only the worst music I have ever heard, their bus also leaked their disgusting inbred piss all over the parking lot. Fuck these inbred racist assholes. Lacs? More like lack of talent. And manners! (Also I heard the two guys in the band blowing each other late last night on the bus) #FuckTheLacs #FuckHickHop

Very unhappy:

Fuck @TheLacsMusic. Racist motherfuckers. Culture vultures stealing hip hop and selling it back to inbred crackers. Fuck I hate them. Hope their bus crashes. Here’s another pic of their piss.

He finished it off with a tweet, like only he could…