New Study Says Men That Drink More Beer Are More Fertile

Drink up men.

According to a new study at the Policlinico hospital fertility clinic in Milan, Italy, men who drink more beer produce more sperm.

The study took about 300 male patients, 30 percent having 1-3 drinks per week, another 30 percent having 4-7 drinks per week, and a final 30 percent having 8 or more drinks per week. Non-drinkers made up the final 10 percent.

Men in the two groups that drank more had “significantly higher sperm concentration” than those who had less 1-3 weekly drinks, or less, weekly. Also, men in the 4-7 weekly drinks category had a “significantly higher median semen volume.”

You hear that men? Drink more beer and you can make more babies. Unless you’re not quite at that stage in life, then drink more beer and be very very careful not to make more babies because according to this study, your boys can swim…. and there’s a lot of them.


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