Texas Woman Demands More Booze and Cigarettes From Neighbor, Bites Off Neighbor’s Nose, Eats It, When Told “No”

Whoa. Chill lady.

Believe it or not, this wacky story isn’t coming to you from Florida – the hotbed of crazy internet news. According to ABC13, a Conroe, TX woman was arrested and accused of biting off a large piece of an acquaintance’s nose and then swallowing/eating it (that’s not good).

Jessica Collins, 41, is charged with assault-bodily injury.

The victim, a woman they are identifying as “Tatiana” went out to a bar on Wednesday night with her next-door neighbor and Collins, who was temporarily staying with the neighbor.

She said they returned to her home after the bar, and Collins demanded more alcohol and cigarettes. According to Tatiana, when she told Collins to leave her property, she said the woman jumped on her and pulled her to the ground by her hair. Collins then allegedly bit off a large piece of Tatiana’s nose and swallowed it.

“I didn’t have time to react, to push her away,” said Tatiana. “I think I was trying to fight back, but I couldn’t. All I could remember was the taste of blood in my mouth.”

Look, we’ve all been there. It’s one of those nights where you’re being a degenerate and want the party to keep going, while all your friends want to go to sleep. Usually, you don’t eat someone’s face, though. Was she on bath salts? Sometimes you gotta just call it a night.

Doctors told Tatiana that she will need urgent plastic surgery, but she does not have health insurance. The surgery must happen within two weeks or it will become more complicated, doctors say.

Friends of Tatiana have established a GoFundMe account to help with the cost of the surgery.

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