Steve Moakler Continues To Raise Money To Fight Sex Trafficking Through “Free the Birds” Project

Nothing warms my heart more than artists who use their talents to help a greater good.

Sure, a lot of artists put their name on various foundations, do some benefit concerts, or maybe star in a commercial, but Steve Moakler has spent the last several years raising money in a different way and it just makes me respect his craft even more.

Steve started the “Free the Birds” fundraising project in 2011 to help various non-profit organizations fight to end sex trafficking. They started by selling handmade cedar birdhouses (which were made in Steve’s basement), through selling some merch, and by taking donations at his shows across the country.

At each headline show, Steve has one of the handmade bird houses at the merch booth. He mentions it at some point in his set and gives a little background on the organization. He emphasizes that every little bit counts and has shown that it definitely does. At the end of each tour, they count up the proceeds, and prior to the Born Ready tour, they had raised over $25,000.

As the Born Ready tour has come to conclusion, Steve recently posted on his Instagram story that it was time to count up the donations for what would likely be a new tour record. This time, collections completely filled two birdhouses and raised a total of $2,929.50. The non-profit organization “Free the Birds” is helping this time is Rescue: Freedom.

To learn more about Rescue: Freedom and their efforts to end human sex trafficking, click here.