Parker McCollum And Koe Wetzel: The Next Big Stars of Texas Country

Parker McCollum and Koe Wetzel, both East Texan natives, are two guys that are becoming household names in the Texas Country music scene.

Parker McCollum, who grew up north of Houston in Conroe, Texas, has been rapidly gaining an even-more devoted fan base after the release of his album “Probably Wrong” in November of 2017, with songs like “I Can’t Breathe” and “Hell of Year” showing the raw honesty in his music. Parker first gained notoriety after his hit song “Meet You In The Middle” off his first album “The Limestone Kid”, which really jumpstarted his career.

Parker wrote “Hell of Year” one night in his truck in the back of a fast food parking lot after breaking up with a longtime girlfriend of his. Parker’s out touring now in the Northwest, South Central US, and across Texas so be sure to check him out.

Koe Wetzel, out of Stephenville, Texas, is a guy I first came across after hearing his song “Austin”. Koe’s music has been spreading and gaining popularity like crazy, and once you listen to him you’ll know why. His sound is unique, different, honest, and gritty which has led him to gain a huge grass roots following across Texas. Koe’s album “Noise Complaint”, which was released in March of 2017, is an all-around solid album with standout songs like “February 28th, 2016”, “Something To Talk About”, and “Tell It All Town” to name just a few.

Check out Koe’s performance video of “Something To Talk About” in College Station, TX.

Also, check out this jam of a deep cut from Koe’s album that features Parker McCollum, “Love”