Get Tanner & Drunker With These 7 Insanely Fun Summer Drinking Games

Summer is in full swing.

Nothing beats a little drunken fun in the sun and we have the ultimate list of summer drinking games to guarantee that this becomes the best summer of your life. Whether you’re setting up for a huge Beer Olympics type shindig, or just grabbing a few friends for a few brews, we got a little something for everyone.

Still, I recommend trying them all.

7. Corn Hole Drinking Style

It’s just like regular corn hole, except a lot more holes and a lot more beers. Make your own rules.

6. Slip & Flip

It’s flip cup, it’s a slip and slide, it’s a relay race. Run fast, slide hard, and get back on your feet to flip that cup like a champion.

5. Shot Jenga

Brick by brick, shot Jenga is taking a game you used to play with your parents and turning up the fun. You can buy a set or just make your own, but either way, those blocks will coming crashing down along with your drunk ass.

4. Beersbee

A pole, some beer, and a frisbee is all you need for this drunken test of coordination and skill.

(Instructions here)

3. Beer Darts

This one is a new favorite, just as long as you don’t catch a dart in the foot. You know you can barely throw a dart sober so just imagine the fun when you’re seeing double.

(Instructions here)

2. Stump

Hammers, nails, beers… what could be more fun?

(Instructions here)

1. Rope Swing Pong

If you don’t live near a lake, this is the #1 reason why you need to move.