Drunk Cowboy & His Drunk Horse Ride Into Liquor Store For You Guessed It, More Liquor

You CAN get a DUI on a horse.

I’m not saying I know from personal experience, but I’m also not saying that I don’t know from personal experience. What I can tell you is I’ve never rode my horse into a liquor store, knocked everything off the shelf when my drunk horse fell over, grabbed a bottle and walked out without paying for it.

This guy… he’s done that.

I don’t blame him for not wanting to leave his horse outside. It’s not like a bike where you can just lock it up on a pole or something, but you run into trouble when you bring a drunk horse into a store and he’s falling all over the place, knocking shit over. Just like you’d make your drunk friend wait outside, just like the bouncer won’t let your drunk friend into the bar and just like you make your drunk uncle Jerry stay in the garage on Christmas, you have to keep that drunk ass horse out of the liquor store.

Rookie move.

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