Drunk Guy Comes Home, Leaves Family 1-Star Review When There’s No Ketchup

It’s always the littlest things that bring us the most pleasure.

Like Ketchup.

Michigan native David Garavaglia got home from a late night of drinking, and like any self-respecting drunk person, he wanted food. More importantly, he wanted ketchup with his food. So much so, that he left his family a less than satisfactory review on the kitchen counter.

“I miss being able to use ketchup when eating food. Please replenish,” wrote David, before a drawing of five stars, with one shaded in. “1 out of 5. Do not recommend this household.”

“He does not remember (writing) this at all,” David’s brother Blake, 19, told the Press Association. “It kind of threw us off – my parents at first thought it was me. We haven’t really seen him drunk since he just turned 21.”

Classic shy guy move.

“We all s*** our pants laughing.”

I’m telling you there’s nothing worse than being completely shitfaced with a shit meal. Or you order delivery and they don’t bring the garlic butter sauce, the cheese sauce, the crushed red pepper, whatever that minor detail is that is going to cap off. Could’ve been the best night of your life, but not anymore. And look, I don’t write Yelp reviews. I hate people that do. Get a hobby.

But this guy? He’s my hero.

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