The Last Artist Sam Hunt Listened To? Tyler Childers

I can already feel some of the country traditionalists clenching their fists and tightening their assholes.

“How dare he,” they’re screaming at their computers.

This is what you wanted though, right?

According to an interview with Taste of Country, the last artist Sam Hunt listened to was none other than Tyler Childers.

“This guy named Tyler Childers. That’s the music I grew up on and really love and I discovered him through a buddy a few months ago and have been listening to him a lot.”

He went on to say that Tyler is someone who inspires him as a songwriter and that he would like to make a record like that at some point. It may sound like a load of bullshit to those of you that think Sam Hunt is a pop artist just interested in making money off country music, you can’t deny his country roots. I’ve seen him cover Waylon Jennings and a host of other traditional artists, and he recently talked about how much he likes to listen to Sturgill Simpson.

He’ll continue to be one of the most polarizing figures in the format, and with the success he’s had and the music he’s made so far, it shouldn’t be a surprise. However, at the end of the day, the traditionalists that love to hate him have to take him at his word when he says this is what he’s listening to lately. You don’t have to hold your breath for an old school country album from Sam Hunt, you don’t even have to like him, but you should, if nothing else, be encouraged by conversations like this, not outraged. Hey, I bet Tyler Childers appreciates the exposure.

Read the full interview here.