7 Songs Thomas Rhett Should’ve Released As Singles

I’ve been a huge supporter of Thomas Rhett since the release of his debut album, It Goes Like This back in 2013.

It’s pretty crazy going back and listening to that album now and hearing how much his sound has changed over the years. I’m more into his earlier style when he had a more traditional sound and grittier voice, but nonetheless, he’s a talented musician and seems like an all-around good dude that’s still putting out solid music.

Over the past few years a majority of the singles he’s released have been pretty pop and I wish he would’ve released some of these as singles.

“American Spirit” – Tangled Up (Deluxe)

“Sixteen” – Life Changes

“Sorry For Partyin’” – It Goes Like This

“Drink A Little Beer” – Life Changes

“Take You Home” – It Goes Like This

“Learned It From The Radio” – Tangled Up

“In A Minute” – It Goes Like This