Taylor Swift Stars As A Red-Headed Homewrecker In Sugarland’s New “Babe” Video

The latest T-Swift drama isn’t on the front page of the supermarket tabloids, but in the form of a Mad Men-inspired music video for her duet with country duo Sugarland. However, according to Jennifer Nettles, the inspiration came from Taylor Swift herself.

“She actually reached out to us and said, ‘I’ve got a great idea for the video,’ and she wrote the treatment,” Nettles, told People last week.

In the video Taylor plays a red-headed secretary that is secretly having an affair with her boss, while unsuspecting 1960’s housewife Jennifer Nettles has no idea. Until she does…

A few things on this video, one of which being that the song is pretty damn catchy and I kind of hate myself for it, but I like it. Second, love me some Mad Men right now. I’m currently on Season 4. Finally, I don’t mind Taylor as a redhead. Not mad at it at all. Nice work all around as far as music videos go.