Beaver (Yes, The Animal) Flavored Whiskey Is A Thing, Any Takers?

Over the weekend, Cole Swindell treated us to a pour from his bottle of Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year, and at $3,200 a bottle, it’s quality stuff. However, there sure as shit ain’t no beaver juice in it, and again, I’m talking about the animal.

If you are in the market for beaver juice whiskey, the fine folks at Tamworth Distilling and Mercantile have a new whiskey called Eau de Musc, or “Water of Musk” that’s infused with castoreum, or the oil in the beaver’s castor sacs found underneath their flat tails. Oil they mix with urine to mark their territory.

“I have always been intrigued by the use of castoreum in food and luxury products. There was a time when it was ubiquitous and used widely as a flavoring agent and in perfume. In fact, it’s still used in a number of products today and considered by the F.D.A. to be a ‘Natural Flavoring.’ I was curious what would it taste like in one of our unreleased bourbons from Tamworth Distilling – so we tried it, and it worked beautifully.”

Who’s interested?

We at Tamworth Distilling firmly believe in honoring the land around us and producing only the finest spirits that reflect that — it's a part of our #scratchmade mission and it is a true dedication. We want to ensure you all that beavers were not killed in the name of whiskey. We work with Anton, a beaver trapper who is called in by NH state, to remove a specific amount of beavers in order to restore balance. The beaver population is increasing at high rates and forming ecosystems where people are already terraforming — thus becoming a threat to local areas and businesses. We New Englanders find pride in re-using and recycling whenever the opportunity presents itself. This is no exception in the case of Eau de Musc and castoreum. Anton uses every part of the animal like any good trapper. The fur is sold, the meat is eaten, and some of the castor sacs are re-used as bait. We obtain the leftover castor sacs to aid in creating this unique product. We exercise responsible practices everyday in the production of each and every one of our spirits and use only what is made available to us by the land. Never intrusive and never wasteful. That's our promise. Cheers!

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