Eli Young Band Spotlights Inspiring Wounded Warrior In New “Love Ain’t” Video

What a story.

Eli Young Band wanted to make a special video for their new song “Love Ain’t,” but more than that, they wanted to shine a light on this inspiring young couple that served our country.

“We first learned about Taylor and Danielle a couple of years ago, and there is no doubt their story speaks to what love is,” recounts Eli. “When thinking about their story and the deeper meaning in this song – how important love is and to know what love ain’t – we knew the video should reflect that. James, Chris, Jon and I all have family members who are part of the military so we know there are more couples struggling every day and how quickly lives are changed.”

Back in 2012, Taylor Morris was involved in an explosion in Afghanistan. As a result, Taylor needed both his arms and legs amputated. His girlfriend Danielle dropped everything to be at his side.

This is their story.

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